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NHS Doncaster CCG

NHS Doncaster CCG became a stand alone statutory body on the 1st April 2013 and is responsible for a £400m commissioning budget. The commissioners working for NHS Doncaster CCG have the difficult job of forecasting and purchasing healthcare for the the 300,000 residents of Doncaster.

The NHS Doncaster CCG website is available at

A membership organisation

NHS Doncaster CCG is a membership organisation comprising of 39 GP practices in and around Doncaster.  Each GP practice is expected by constitution to have a lead clinician whose role it is to feed into the wider commissioning process and to report back relevant items on the commissioning agenda to their colleagues at their practice.  

Doncaster is subdivided into 5 localities, each having two lead GP’s or locality leads.  The locality leads are employed by NHS Doncaster CCG to chair locality meetings, sit on the NHS Doncaster CCG board and represent their locality in commissioning developments.  The locality leads are also assigned a portfolio to which they are a lead commissioner - for example - lead commissioner in unplanned care.


Clinical Commissioning Groups

The Health and Social Care act of 2012 has given rise to dramatic change across the NHS. Not least the dissolution of primary care trusts (PCTs) in favour of CCGs.

CCGs are independent statutory bodies responsible for the commissioning of healthcare within a geographical region. They have been provided with health budgets by NHS England and are responsible for buying healthcare services for patients from healthcare providers including local acute trusts, primary care providers and independent sector providers. Doncaster CCG are responsible for approximately £1m healthcare spend every day.  NHS Doncaster CCG comprises of local clinicians working alongside experienced managerial staff and specialised support units.

All GP practices have a responsibility to be associated to a CCG and contribute to commissioning.  Indeed, a CCG would not be an entity without its constituents member practices.  

Commissioning is not part of the GMS contract.

North West

Dr Abbas and Partners

The Ransome Practice

Bentley Surgery

Petersgate Medical Centre

The Nelson Practice

The Lakeside Practice

Askern Medical Centre

Mexborough Medical Practice

Conisbrough Medical Practice

Church View Surgery

Great North Medical Group


The Mount Group Practice

Regent Square Practice

The Burns Practice

Kingthorne Group Practice

The St Vincent Practice

The Flying Scotsman

The Sandringham Practice

The Oakwood Surgery

North East

Field Road Surgery

Thorne Moor Medical Practice

Northfield Surgery

Hatfield Health Centre

Dunsville Medical Centre

South East

Mayflower Medical Practice

The Rossington Practice

Tickhill & Colliery Medical Practice

West End Clinic

Frances Street Medical Centre

Whitehouse Farm Medical Centre

The Village Group Practice

South West

Conisbrough Group Practice

Park View Surgery

Mexborough Health Centre

The Scott Practice

St John’s Group Practice

Dr Zaidi and Partners

The Nayar Practice

Barnburgh Surgery

The New Surgery

NHS Doncaster CCG Contacts

NHS Doncaster CCG

Sovereign House

Heavens Walk

Doncaster, South Yorkshire


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