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LMC guidance is based upon an understanding of the current regulations from various sources including from The Department of Health, NHS England, the British Medical Association and its General Practice Committee.  The LMC is unable to provide legal or financial advice and is not a union.

If you have suggestions about guidance you would like the LMC to produce, then please feel free to contact us.


Practice Management

Interest on late payments

Should we choose to be a health service body?

Who is responsible for translation services?

Do we have to have a partnership agreement?

Trading standards want to visit.  Should I let them?

What can I charge for?

What can’t I charge for?

How much should I charge for…?


PMS reviews and the transition to a GMS contract (2015) (download)

FAQ’s on Clinical Waste Audit (download)

Managing Complaints

Overseas visitors accessing NHS services (2013) (download)

Private practice (2010) (download)

Practice Boundaries (2012) (download)

Taking on a new partner (2011) (download)

Freedom of information

Online complaints from patients

Dealing with unfair comments on websites

How do I send documents securely via an email?

How do I print the patient electronic record into a word document?

Access to health records and reports


Health Records of the Deceased

Easy guide to GP networks

The future of the Independent contractor status

Carr-Hill formula

Your Contract

Prescribing over the counter (OTC) medicines

Informal and formal practice list closure

Can I charge to provide a coroners report?

PIP assessments and the role of the GP

Collaborative Services (Providing services for the CCG or Local Authority)

What do I need to do about blue badges for disabled drivers?

What NHS contracts are available for my practice?

What can’t I charge for? (Prescribed Certificates)

Prescribing (2013) (download)

Excessive prescribing (2013) (download)

Seniority Payments (2011) (download)

Fitness to Fly (download)

Medicals for patient’s taking part in leisure activities (download)

Hepatitis B Vaccinations

Mandatory Reporting of Female Genital Mutilation (download)

Child health surveillance (6-8 week baby checks)

Care for patients who reside in specialised institutions

What are the core hours for General Practice (GMS and PMS)?

Do I have to have a practice website?

Home visits

Access to General Practice - 2019 contract change (PDF)


Provision, use, and disposal of sharps bins for patient use

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS)

Blood tests for patients with learning difficulties - reasonable adjustments

Child Safeguarding

Do I have to prescribe a red drug if asked by a specialist?

Do I have to prescribe a “shared care” drug?

Treating dental conditions

Sick notes / Fit notes (download)

Primary care responsibilities regarding requests made by online providers (download)

Prescribing - responsibilites between primary and secondary care

Radiology referrals

Medication switches

Staff and training

International GP Recruitment Programme

Guardian of safe working hours for NHS training doctors

Disclosure and Barring Service

Employing a pharmacist in General Practice (download)

Doncaster out of hours guidance for GP trainees (download)

MAG Appraisal Form (download)

Quick guide to Appraisal (2017) (download)

Whistleblowing (download)

Maternity leave and pay (2013) (download)

Salaried GP - Model Contract (2011) (download)

Guidance for GPs considering working abroad (download)

Tier 2 Visas


Stamp Duty Land Tax (download)

Top tips on agreeing a surgery lease (download)

Premises - Notional rent, borrowing costs and leasehold costs

Information Governance and Information Technology

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

National Patient Data Opt Out