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Frequently asked questions: Covid-19

The CCHUB went live at 8am on Monday 23rd March and is open from 8-6pm Monday to Friday.  The CCHUB is contactable by clinicians only.

Yes.  We will still need to assess and treat our registered patients.  This will include face to face appointments where we feel that this is clinically indicated. However, if a patient is part of a COVID19 isolation household, care should be provided by the CCHUB.

Yes.  If a patient requires a home visit and is not isolated because of illness with COVID19 or in an isolated household, then you will still need to provide a home visit.

Yes.  Where a patient needs a blood test and is not in self isolation, the practice should still provide a phlebotomy service.

Please do not give any medicines in excess of what you would normally prescribe for patients.  Any shock to supplies chains will disrupt normal services.  Advise people to make sure they have all have supplies of usual medications.  There is no evidence to use or not to use oral or inhaled corticosteroids outside usual guidelines in COPD patients with COVID19. Antibiotics should be issued only if suspicion of secondary bacterial infection.

The SDHC will now be working as a total telephone triage and treatment service.

These appointments are being stepped down.  Capacity from clinicians working in extended access hubs is being moved to the CCHUB.  First to physio appointments will continue but not at Devonshire House.

Yes.  This will enable capacity within primary care to keep patients out of hospital and in their own homes.

This is now available.  See the testing page for advice.

PCNs are being asked to align their plans with the centralised CCHUB service.  This is to ensure that there is minimal confusion across Doncaster on how care is to be delivered.

If your practice is at risk of closure due to illness or quarantine, please contact Laura Sherburn (Primary Care Doncaster) as a matter of urgency.

No.  A new temporary system enables people who are advised to self-isolate to obtain an isolation note via NHS 111 online or the NHS website. This can then be used as evidence for absence from work, to avoid patients visiting their GP practice unnecessarily.  It is for employees who need evidence to cover a period of absence due to coronavirus. Employees can self-certify for 7 days, but beyond that, if they have been advised to self-isolate or share a household with someone who is symptomatic and self-isolating, they may be asked by their employer to provide evidence. The isolation note is evidence to be given to an employer.

No.  Routine screening of an otherwise well child is classed as an additional service and not an essential service.  However, if you feel that there is clinical indication for an examination of a particular child then this will require individual clinician judgement.

Yes.  These are a part of the essential services element of the contract from 1st April 2020.

GP practices should reschedule existing cervical screening appointments rather than cancelling, to avoid losing individuals from the system.

A practice may wish to reschedule routine screening for up to 6 months and up to 3 months for eligible women on early repeat or screening needed following treatment.