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During Covid19-related restriction in face-to-face contact with healthcare professionals, the provision of effective contraception (this may be a bridging method in the short term) and emergency contraception are considered priority services (FSRH).

Emergency contraception (EC)

FSRH CEU recommends that remote assessment of requirement for EC is prioritised so that it can be made as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse.

Insertion of a Cu-IUD for EC should continue to be offered first line, where this is possible, to qualifying individuals; if there is a delay prior to Cu-IUD insertion, immediate oral EC should be offered in addition.

Individuals who do not meet the criteria for emergency IUD insertion, or who decline an emergency IUD should be assessed remotely as to the most appropriate oral emergency contraception, receive both oral EC and a 3 month supply of POP and be given clear written/digital advice about additional contraceptive precautions, when to start the POP, and follow up pregnancy testing. Where possible delay associated with postal delivery of oral EC should be avoided by facilitating collection by the individual.

Ongoing contraception

Combined hormonal contraception (CHC) If the provider documented all relevant medical history at the time of last CHC provision, and no contraindications were identified, provision of a further supply of CHC without review of medical history can be considered. Remote prescription to cover the next 6-12 months. Phone consultation is recommended.

Progestogen only pill (POP) users – reasonable to allow a further 12 month supply to be given without review Phone consultation is recommended. POP is advocated as a bridging method if existing method is not available.

See FSRH guidance for (DMPA) Depo Provera, Etonogestrel Implant (ENG-IMP), IUS & IUD guidance

New contraception starters

FSRH CEU suggests that, as standard, individuals requesting to start contraception can be assessed remotely and a 6-12 month supply of Desogestrel POP provided via remote prescription.*Please note contra-indications.

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